Our Menu

Muffins Ice Cream Shoppe is located at 400 E. Illinois St. in downtown Lemont.

Muffins new hours are 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. You may call us at (630) 243-1786.

NEW! Cotton Candy and Popcorn – $2.79 / each


Brewed Coffee

Sm Med Lrg
House Blend Coffee $1.75 $1.90 $2.20

Cold Coffee Drinks

Sm Med Lrg
Iced Coffee $1.75 $1.90 $2.20
Iced Latte (iced coffee with milk and your choice of flavor, topped with whip cream) $3.75 $4.35 $4.95
Ice Blended Latte (iced coffee with milk and your choice of flavor blended, topped with whip cream) $3.75  $4.35 $4.95

Tea Latte

Sm Med Lrg
Matcha Green Tea with vanilla, milk & foam $3.60 $4.25 $4.65
Chai Tea with vanilla, milk & foam $3.60 $4.25 $4.65
Tea Latte with vanilla, milk & foam $2.90  $3.55 $3.90


Tea/Hot Chocolate

Sm Med Lrg
Hot Tea $1.50 $1.65 $1.85
Hot Chocolate $2.35 $2.65 $2.95


(offered in regular or decaf)

Sm Med Lrg
Espresso single one shot  ~ ~  $2.00
Espresso double two shots  ~ ~  $2.50
Espresso Macchiato espresso with small amount of steamed milk  $3.35  $3.85  $4.30
Caramel Macchiato espresso with small amount of steamed milk flavored with vanilla syrup and caramel, topped with whip cream  $3.45  $4.15  $4.45
Cappuccino equal parts espresso, hot milk, and steamed milk froth  $3.05  $3.55  $3.95
Americano hot water added to espresso, giving a similar strenght but different flavor from reqular drip coffee  $2.55  $2.75  $2.95
Cafe Latte shot of espresso in steamed milk topped with foam with choice of syrup  $3.35  $3.85  $4.30


(with Whey Protein Powder)

Sm Med Lrg
Vanilla, Fruit, or Organic Green ~ ~ $5.95


Sm Med Lrg
Any Flavor of Ice Cream $4.75 $5.35 $5.85
Daddy’s Milkshake (vanilla ice cream, skim milk, chocolate syrup & honey) $4.95 $5.60 $5.95
Malt (any flavor ice cream with malt powder) $4.95 $5.60 $5.95


Ice Cream

Sm (3) Med (4) Lrg (5)
Plain Cone or Cup  $3.95  $4.95  $5.85
Waffle Cone or Waffle Bowl  ~  $5.95  $6.85


Ice Cream to Go – (extra topping $.75)

Pint – Any Flavor $7.05
Quart – Any Flavor $8.95



Sm Med Lrg
Old Fashioned Root Bear Float  ~  ~  $5.60
Green River Float  ~  ~  $5.60



Sm Lrg
Sundae (vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, whipped cream, nuts and a cherry) $5.65 $6.65
Waffle Bowl Sundae ~ $7.65
Extra toppings $.75

Signature Muffins Sundae – your choice of one of our ten freshly baked daily muffins topped with ice cream, your choice of one topping, whipped cream, nuts and cherry  – $8.95


Banana Split

Sm Lrg
Banana, ice cream of your choice, 3 toppings, whipped cream, nuts and cherries $8.25 $10.75

Ice Cream Flavors

Ice Cream


Italian Ice

Apple Pie (Seasonal) Hot Fudge Blueberry
Black Cherry Hot Caramel Lemon
Brownie Batter Butterscotch Mango
Butter Pecan Chocolate Syrup  Peach
Cake Batter Pineapple Raspberry
Chocolate Fresh Strawberries  Strawberry
Chocolate Chip Cherry  Watermelon
Chocolate Peanut Butter Sprinkles
Coffee Gummy Bears
Cookie Dough M&M’s
Cookie Monster
Cookie & Cream
Cotton Candy
Hawaiian Delight
Mint Chip
Moose Tracks
Pistachio Nut
Pralines & Cream
Pumpkin Pie (Seasonal)
Rainbow Sherbert
Rocky Road
Rum Raisin